Kindle the Acharya in you / in your child

As a child everyone are born and blessed with purity of thoughts and clarity in mind. All of us are born leaders. Deep within us there is an urge and a want to be happy and become a leader. When this is triggered it starts to propel in action and the final results are achieved. A child is like crystal clear water born to flow in this beautiful world to make the environment great and fertile. This is true because kids always do things what they want in their natural way without any influence and inhibitions. But during the growing stage they tend to get mixed with lot of impurities and odourful things like imitating others adapting to wrong belief and gets carried away by the outwardly things and finally stops thinking from within and starts adopting to other unwanted availabilies. These wonderful children on whose shoulders tomorrow's world is can be set right by kindling the inner power in them .by making them realise about their strengths and abilities they can shaped in a greater way. If these unwanted stagnates are cleared and made to flow again great things can happen and every child can be transformed in to a better citizens and a great leader.


Rama's this unique program has got a special and constructive methodology which is specially designed to kindle the inner power of the child which was his guiding force. This program helps the child to be his own master and have better conviction about his actions. This also gives him self confidence to put in original thoughts into actions in a positive manner and increase his strong belief in himself. This program has strong objectives as follows

1. To kindle the inner power in the child to improve his self confidence
2. To do things with strong conviction and responsibility.
3. To identify his own potential and bring out the same.
4. To be a positive person and value relationship.
5. To speak and do the same without any inhibitions.
6. To face challenges in life looking at it as opportunities.
7. To know the values and morals.
8. To be the best motivator for himself and to others.
9. To improve memory and concentration.
10. To be more creative and innovative.
11. To be an effective communicator and a listener.
12. To be a decision maker

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